Durham: What You Will Hate About It

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Behind all these compliments about Durham, there expectedly negative feedback’s that you should know about Durham, not to change your mind of putting this as part of your vacation list, but to know what to expect from it.

They say residents would love to rent and put up apartments in Durham, North Carolina, because of its rapid growth and progress in their economic sphere. But when it comes to the safety and crime percentage every month, you would really be shocked that it has already reached the maximum percentage of individuals being robbed at night. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go out, but it also requires the individual to have extra care with his personal belongings while walking around Durham, especially in the evening. Vandalism has also been an issue in Durham for quite some time. And even though they try to get rid of this kind of habit of these criminals, they just tend to grow like they got overwhelmed with art and tend to use their passion in committing vandalism everywhere.

As to their signature craft beers, yes it is delicious and authentic that everyone would love to buy it, however, they got this scheduled day when they could only sell this beers and that be only on Saturday nights – only when the tribal rivalries arrives.

Interestingly, this is one of the cities which have been having issues with their light rail system, where employees are complaining too much about when it comes to their amenities and services provided to them. But, again, if you work and live in Durham, this is never a problem for you. And another thing, access to the airport would take you quite some time before you get into your flight, so if I were you, you better leave early in your place to catch your flight and be there on time.

Consequently, even though Durham is known for its castle-like-England patterned structures, residents are just scared for a collapse that might happen due to what they have experienced in the past because of the mining industries.

But despite all these negative feedbacks about this city, it has never been hated by its residents for their perfect community and neighbourhood like that they give to their people. And with all the negative feedbacks about this city, this explains why locals in Durham strives harder to get a a full package of security for their people and the city itself. And like what they usually say, how could a city be peaceful if their citizens are not disciplined enough to get through these massive crimes? It makes sense and this is the reason why people in Durham tries to contribute in a positive way for the security of their own community.

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